FX Incognito System Review

Product Name: FX Incognito

Product Author: OHLC Technique

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Are you ready to throw away the indicators that do not work? Have you ever wondered what the greatest traders of Forex business are guided by? Here, OHLC Technique FX Incognito is all you needed! FX Incognito is a straightforward and efficient method of trading also a real trading in the real market where nobody uses indicators, trends which are not determined at various time intervals. From the very beginning, this system has many different methods to trade with. It is based on the mother of all indicators in which offers you the average results and accuracy. It will update you time to time to keep up with the constantly changing market. This system will use the elements that are completely ignored by the leading entities of the forex market.

What is the FX Incognito?

FX Incognito is the manual forex trading system specifically designed to use for trading on the MT4 platform. The methods you find in this system is based on indices which only work at a given moment in certain market conditions. It will provide ou with good results with the basis analyze the forex market situation. This method will allow you to analyze the market in a very simple manner in which providing you with a clear price that does not lag and is the best market indicator. The indices can be distorting, formations on the chart can look differently due to various time zones and different broker time, and the price of this system is always real. FX Incognito has the very powerful tools in which all you can see in the charts given. The price is the leading indicator in this system in which it helps you to understand in a clear way. This system works well where in just 15 minutes of EUR/USD where can break out for 20-25 pips.

FX Incognito Features:

  • Innovative manual system
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Non-Repaint
  • Free access to future updates
  • No hidden fees
  • Suitable for scalp, DT, and swing

How Does FX Incognito Works?

This method allows in a very straightforward and efficient way to follow the price. FX Incognito returns to the roots of trading, when traders used only necessary information of the price, like opening, close, highest price, lowest price. This technique is created a long time ago, before the computer era, when orders were placed on paper for e.g. wheat contracts. Traders received only this simple information from the market and used it to place orders. Nobody needed additional indicators, which often bring only confusion.

As traders, FX Incognito begin with simple methods, then go through hundreds of colorful systems, only to conclude that the simplest ways are the best. You should focus on what is vital. Join and follow the trend in the purest form. The method is primarily focused on the price, hence candles on the chart do not have any unnecessary elements like for example shadows, there is only candle body. Here are the three simple steps to start with FX Incognito:

  • Step 1: In this step, you have to add the FX Incognito in MT4.
  • Step 2: Let your indicator alert you automatically.
  • Step 3: You have to enter the trade.

Benefits You Can Achieve By Trading In FX Incognito:

  • You can see easily by visually back testing that it’s very profitable in the long run.
  • With this forex system, you can earn over 3,000 Pips monthly.
  • This program will support you in finally getting your trading on track and start making money in Forex.
  • The system uses colored boxes to indicate a trend for us to follow. You do not need to spend the whole day on the chart analysis, just follow the boxes.
  • It requires only the operation of a trading platform. Learning the system is very fast because we do not need to deal with multiple indicators.
  • You can trade any currency pair, but we recommend focusing on the majors due to the lower spread.


  • Every trader, who is looking for a straightforward and efficient method of trading.
  • The system operates on three Tfs- H4, M15, M1.
  • You will be able to download the system immediately after purchase.
  • You will receive system files, PDF manual, and lifetime support.
  • The system was designed for the MT4 trading platform.
  • It has 92.3% right signal that automatically makes trading so easy.
  • FX Incognito is the three bizarrely simple steps to start trading.
  • It has no repaints or late signals.


  • FX Incognito is available in online only, Without an Internet connection, it cannot be accessible.
  • You have to follow the given instructions carefully, Un- less you may not gain any money.


In conclusion, FX Incognito is the easiest and least risky way profit! It will show you about how easy it was for us to make 900 pips on EURUSD depending on the size of your trades. Thanks to this solution, a trader can focus on the most important things. It is the easiest decision you will make with four years of proof. This is the best indicator of the market where you will use trading manually. This system works in every country and at many intervals from 5M- 4H day and night. If the system does not meet your expectations for some reason, it will refund you 100% of the purchase price! Your entry, stop. Take profit can alert you automatically! Get it, love it, and enjoy trading once again.

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