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To internet marketers, the most valuable thing in the world isn’t land or gold or oil. It’s information.

Information and know how is the most valuable commodity on the planet – and if you learn how to harness that information there is a fortune waiting for you. People around the world are constantly looking for new knowledge to improve their lives; they want to be more beautiful, slimmer, richer, healthier, and happier. And the best thing is you don’t need to be a billion-dollar oil and gas corporation to harness the power of information. As long as you have the internet you can deliver information to those who will pay handsomely for it. Once you have an internet connection you are GOOD TO GO!

About Information Marketing Business for Professionals:

Once the wealthy have established their own income producing assets, their income stream goes on autopilot. This provides them the luxury of choosing to relax and enjoy wealth or creating another stream of income. But one thing is for certain – there is no more relentless daily grind at a boring job where they work to make someone else richer. Truly exceptional people transform their income producing assets into different formats to help create even more revenue streams. For example, J.K. Rowling only wrote her Harry Potter books, but she has generated two income streams: royalties from the books, and royalties from the movie franchise.

That is the exact model you can now follow in the information revolution. You can create information products that will become your income producing assetsThere hasn’t ever been a better time to get into the information business. Experts predict that internet sales will reach$414 BILLION by 2018.

Information Marketing Business is the number one resource for any entrepreneur determined to make a viable online business. The majority of people use the internet in an attempt to better themselves and their lives, whether it is losing weight, getting fit, or making a little extra money. No wonder the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, called the internet ‘The Information Super Highway.’

This guide will teach you the shortest path to success by providing you with a complete, easy-to-follow plan that is broken down into manageable sections. So prepare yourself for a few ‘aha!’ moments, because this guide is divided into six modules, each one of them a straight-to-the-point treasure trove of insider secrets you can use to launch your information publishing business to success.

Module 1 – Introduction

This section reveals the key reasons why the internet has grown so quickly and changed the world so much, then it explains how the internet has made the world an even playing field where someone with no net worth can rival even the most profitable corporation.

  • The key secret to why information products still generate vast amounts of money despite the Internet being flooded with information (so simple – yet few people understand this).
  • The ingenious ways information products can be used as a marketing powerhouse to increase brand awareness and build a better business (and they all serve to explode your profits).
  • How the rapid increase in smart phones and tablets are ramping up the demand for more and more information products, and how you can exploit that for your own benefit (and the reason why the internet is doubling in size every 100 days).
  • The four golden advantages publishing information products online have over traditional paper and ink publishing (every one of these advantages increases your profits).
  • The six ways your information products can increase your profits (actually selling your products is only one of the ways to make money).

Module 2 – Research and Content

This is where the rubber hits the road, because you need to learn what your target demographic is in order to sell them the information that they require.

  • The science of keyword and marketing research (with five profitable suggestions to allow you to hit the ground running).
  • The secret of keyword research (and the oh so simple way you can overcome it).
  • How to measure up your competition (and why competition is actually a good thing).
  • Why the old, outdated information products are no longer good enough for today’s savvy buyers (and what you can do about it).
  • ‘Consumer psychology’ and the eight keys to unlock the mystery (once you know these you’ll know exactly what sort of info product to aim for).
  • The secret of niches and how to define them (vital intel that you’ll need to target the right market).
  • The truth of information product success (and how understanding exactly what you are selling is the key to riches).

Module 3 – Format Options

Just as JK Rowling shrewdly doubled her fortune by having the Harry Potter books turned into movies, you can mix and match when it comes to the format you choose for your info products.

  • How the Internet opens up a plethora of options from text to movies (and how you can mix and match to suit your product).
  • The most basic of info products (and how these can skyrocket the perceived value when bundled with other formats).
  • The most popular format for info products (all the strengths and weaknesses are discussed in full).
  • The seven major information publishing formats (I bet you’ll be amazed how many there are).
  • Interactive info products (although not suited to all product types, this has a powerful attraction for certain niches, making them very profitable).
  • Video and audio info products (the most profitable because of the high perceived value PLUS probably the most fun to create).
  • Information products that virtually create themselves (although they take some setting up, you can end up with a priceless asset).
  • The most compelling info products of all (and the six solid reasons why they generate so much income).
  • Educational information products (these are so lucrative because they can produce a continuous monthly income from a limited customer base).

Module 4 – Production

The most profitable information products are those which you produce yourselves. So you get an easy to follow step by step guide to ensure your creation is a breeze to produce.

  • The temptation you need to avoid as an information publisher (give in to this and your product will be dead in the water).
  • How to organize your thoughts while creating your product (following this advice will make the whole process a snap).
  • Using the magic of your mind and creativity (the smart way to create something fresh and unique from your research).
  • The final stage of checking your product (miss this step and your masterpiece could be riddled with flaws you didn’t notice – but your customers will).
  • The important role of post-production (discover how to package your product for maximum appeal).
  • How to hire a ghost writer to do the grunt work for you (and the essential checks you must make to safeguard your reputation).
  • Turning your product into a multi-media masterpiece (watch the perceived value go through the roof!).

Module 5 – Sales Preparation

With your product created, you are getting so close to the gold that you can almost smell it. This module is dedicated to getting you on the launch pad and safely into orbit as quickly as possible!

  • Web hosting PLUS the art of picking a domain name. (it’s important you get this right, because it could make a big difference to your bottom line).
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and how good graphics in your sales page play a vital role in the consumer’s emotional process of choosing whether to buy – or not to buy (and why you need to get the images in sync with your target market).
  • Your sales page – the red hot core of your marketing efforts (and how to make sure it works effectively).
  • Getting paid (and why it’s vital you use my recommended payment processor).
  • How to make your website come alive (used sparingly, these scripts can make a big difference to your bottom line).
  • Test, test, and test again (missing out this vital step could be fatal to your business!).

Module 6 – Product Promotion

Now that you have got your income producing asset ready to roll, you need to make sure folks know where to find it.

  • The five most effective ways to personally promote your web site (ranging from free methods to spending a little cash for even faster results).
  • The secret to online fortunes (how to get others to sell your product – yet you only pay them for results).
  • The insider secrets of online marketing (and how you can persuade other internet marketers to promote your product for free).

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