Myibets Review

Myi Bets Review

Is Myibets a Scam or Legit Software? Does Jack Sherwood’s Myibets Really Works? Read My Myibets System Review Before Join.

Product Name: Myibets

Product Author: Jack Sherwood

Official Website: CLICK HERE


Do you want access to the tips that made the 214.87pts profit in the last 90 days? It is crucial that you understand one thing about betting. If you too want to become one of a few people who makes a full time living by taking money from the bookies. It wasn’t guesswork it was a formula.

Here, Myibets is an incredibly complex formula that was dependant on many variables. Variables that changed from when the race card was announced to when the race ran. It is a deployable software that will first give you the selections yourself and then eventually be able to bet for you so you can win on total autopilot. With the full £3,147.80 bank and will continue to up your stakes each month as the profit rises. But an estimated cost of turning this mess into a deployable software with access to the data it needs to be loaded with for commercial use is fast approaching £20,000. It takes less than 2 minutes a day and doesn’t require any calculations, complicated rules or staking plans. This tipping service predicts the horse in each race and then automatically sends out an email to you with that day’s selection.

What is the Myibets?

Myibets is a different betting software pulls in 214.78pts profit in just 90 days. This system shows you a way to cut down on the time it took me to analyze the data, add in a way to check to make sure things still stacked up correctly before the race, a way to widen the scope of what was possible to do manually. This system had developed with a lot of different strategies over the time backing the horses. Each different race types will be looking at it from a different angle. The bookies will allow a small % of people to win on a regular basis for a few reasons. Anyone who takes the same approach to both flat and jumps racing, for example, is a fool. Before the competition working out 2-3 selections for the following day, only to have things change the very next morning and my picks probability of success drop below an acceptable level. With this software at the very first day, you can win 9 of 11 bets and make a profit on the day of 13.77pts. In just ten months of hard graft and analysis which had paid off big time, where you can make over £2,000 profit to £10 bets.

How Does Myibets Works?

MyiBets Software is 1 in 500, or 0.2% is a much more accurate number and the reason that you had invested over ten months in your life. Everything you need to be able to pick winners at a very efficient rate is available for everyone to see and study. It’s not hidden away as many believe in some secret vault. It just knows what effects a race result and what is just noise, put out there to confuse punters. With this program, you will understand everything about betting. It comes down to a lot of things with time, effort, experience, knowledge, an eye for detail and analysis. It can take you just 2 hours to study a race only to get less of an idea of who is going to win. The racing is working out 2-3 selections for the following day, only to have things change the very next morning and the picks probability of success drop below an acceptable level.

  • Firstly this system can afford to any money they pay outcomes from other people losing money to them. For every punter that takes a regular profit home each week or each month, there are approximately 500 who lose money just as regularly.
  • Secondly, having a few winners makes all these losers “believe” that they too can become one of these people taking home thousands of pounds per month in tax-free cash. Some individuals who regularly win at the bookies, compared to those who don’t. The real number is a lot scarier and the reason you see new bookies popping up all the time.

Myibets Reviews

The 3 Phases of Myibets:

  • Phase 1: Phase 1 serves two purposes, in which from the moment you sign up as an investor. It will send you the selections from MyiBets software. All you will have to do is check your email, copy the bets and see the winnings for yourself. It gives the members the firsthand tips where you can able to independently review the service and generate 50% of the initial money needed to get the software process off the ground.
  • Phase 2: The last three months worth of results repeat themselves than in 90 days. It can have enough cash to be able to complete the process of the software, which means before 120 days from becoming an investor you should get your hands on the first copy of the software that you can run on your very own computer. This version will not bet on its own but will enable you to execute the process at a time to suit you. As an early investor, you will get access to this software free of charge and this software will run until the final betting version is ready.
  • Phase 3: Once the first software is available it will go on sale to the public for a membership fee per month. It can all first investors will get free access. All the money generated will go into upgrading the software to be able to bet with the leading bookies automatically. Any excess cash will be used to implement features requested from initial investors. When the final MyiBets software goes live, it will offer every first investor a 1% stake in any profit the sales of the software generate.


  • You get the tips for the next 120 days manually via email.
  • The final auto Version of the software is ready you get free access and 1% of all profits made from future sales.
  • Selections will be sent the day of racing at approximately 11am-12 noon.
  • All types of win betting will be covered, mainly straight win bets using a 1pt-3pt backing scale as well as each way bets.
  • The average is four bets per day, but expect days when there will be no bets and days there will be up to 8 chances.
  • With this program, you will learn many tips, information to take advantage and achieve your desired goals.
  • This system helps you on how to solves various life problems and overcome any challenges.


  • If you pay no attention to the price you are getting and simply back the best horse in the race, you will lose. It’s that simple.
  • If you honestly believe the best horse wins the race, you are living a dream world. It takes a little time to make you earn more profits in this field.

Myibets Review


In conclusion, Myibets is highly recommended! This software is the somewhat messy desk with multiple computers running on a linked network and three screens displaying data that means that a little 10-minute evaluation is all it takes to make the selection. Access to the tips that made the 214.87pts profit in the last 90 days. I’m recommend using a proven variable staking plan to increase your profits considerably. The revolutionary tips will change your life, and you will be taking a big step closer to insane betting profits. It works for anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. This software offers a full 60-day money back guarantee where you can get back every penny you have paid. Make a profit from the selections and then from the sales of the software, secure your place here.

MyiBets Reivew

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