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Winning the lottery jackpot to change your life, you could go to the best restaurants, wear designer clothes go to best parties having romantic gateways exotic vacations and have an exciting adventure with your friend and family. The lottery can give you the resources you need to help you reach that peak your hopes and dreams, to help you win the lottery, former stockbroker Gail Howard’s life has been devoted to the analysis lotteries and improving her methods to beat them from this research series of smart like lottery software programs books have been designed to help lottery players increase their chances of winning the lottery and many of the customers have won the lottery spot like has over 100 fully documented first price winners that have won over 1 million dollars with Gail Howard’s lottery software in books..

Do you know the reason why you can not win the lottery all the time? Are you ready to learn how others have changed the odds and won the cash, using Gail Howard’s insights, strategies, and systems? If your answer is yes, then keep read this Smart Luck Lottery Software review. Smart Luck Lottery Software developed by Gail Howard. Gail Howard’s lottery software and lotto books have been credited with winning first prize lotto jackpots each and every single year for more than two decades. Lottery software and books lotto Sono Stati Gail Howard is credited with winning the first prize Lotto jackpots each and every year for more than two decades. Smart Luck promises of lottery players to improve their chances of winning by using advanced number selection systems and Wheeling programs. This software claims that their software is based on Gail Howard’s systems and strategies that are intended to improve the chances of beating the odds to win the lottery games.

What is Smart Luck Lottery Software?

Gail Howard Lottery Expert pioneered the scientific strategy of the lottery in the United States, internationally recognized as the creator of the most successful lottery systems used in the world. She founded Smart Luck and ran the company for 33 years. She is the only lottery expert who can prove her system won millions of dollars to dozens of people. 107 lottery jackpots worth more than $ 101 million have been won with Gail Howard’s lotto systems and strategies.

Smart Luck is following Gail Howard’s mission to provide every possible tool that will help to bring you closer to your goal of winning a lottery jackpot. Lotto is a game and it shows you how to play the game better. In an effort to help you win, this system provides a lot of free advice on the best way to play your favorite lottery game. It also provides the wheels of free lotto who have won two or more first jackpot prize – and we do not register or log in to this free service. Although dozens of jackpots have been won with Smart Luck systems and strategies, it makes no guarantees, neither implied nor explicit, that anyone will win the lottery with our books or software. Luck is an important factor in beating astronomical odds. This system advises that stick to a budget and keeps it fun so that your attitude remains positive. The software from Smart Luck promises potential buyers to improve their chances, using advanced selection systems and number wheeling programs.

In general, Gail Howard Lottery recommended book Master Guide and/or gold Software Advantage to all players of Lotto. For best results, we recommend using Advantage gold with the book wheeling balanced or a program that matches the type of lottery games you play (pick 5, pick 6, keno, etc.). Although dozens of jackpots have been won with systems and intelligent strategies luck, does not provide any guarantee, either implicit or explicit, that whoever wins the lottery with our books or software.


Aspects of Smart Luck Lottery Software Works?

Smart Luck lottery systems and winners, as well as quotes and tips for Gail Howard, have appeared in hundreds of media publications including magazines and national newspapers. This lotto system and number selection strategies are the only lottery systems and strategies that can genuinely claim to have produced over one hundred documented jackpot Lotto first prize. Where possible, it shows the date and lottery game in which every jackpot has been won so that anyone can call the state lottery and check the name of the lottery winner and the winning amount on that date. Intelligent luck offers 2 types of lottery software to help you win the lottery: Strategy number and Wheeling. Your best bet for beating the lottery is to use both weapons together!

Step 1: Choose the best lotto numbers to play – advantage gold program: Advantage Gold™ lotto software program incorporates all of Gail Howard’s original, unique number selection methods for choosing lotto numbers with the greatest probability of winning. This winning lottery strategy software comes loaded with all the USA, international and pick-10 keno lotto drawing results on a cd and/or flash drive. Advantage Gold™ contains no wheels.

Step 2: Choose a wheel for your game’s pick size – Balanced wheel programs: Each lotto wheel is guaranteed flawless! No holes! You get double your money back if you find one wheel that fails its stated win guarantee. Although many wheeling programs out there claim to be the best, not one of them has been credited with winning dozens of documented, verifiable first prize lotto jackpots – except, of course, smart luck balanced wheels.

What Will You Get From Smart Luck Lottery Software?

  • Smart Luck Lottery Software armed with powerful number selection strategies and knowing how to direct the numbers most likely to strike is vital.
  • Equally important it is wheeling (mixing or combining) large groups of numbers in mathematical models for specific minimum guarantees victory.
  • Although jackpot happened many times, the average player that uses the Smart luck software will not win a lottery jackpot but should be able to increase their ability to win smaller prizes more often.
  • It has a section of the website dedicated to helping you decide which products are best to buy for the Lotto game is played.
  • Smart Luck Lottery Software has an audio tutorial that is only available with the purchase of Advantage gold on a USB flash drive.



  • Smart Luck Lottery Software offers the secret formula to analyze lottery numbers to win the lottery.
  • Each program works for only one or two types of game.
  • Follow the simple step-by-step instructions of this game system of the Lot in the world and winning as any other.
  • Countless others have won an incalculable amount of secondary prize winnings using smart lucky lottery software and books.
  • Smart Luck Lottery Software the most advanced software analysis techniques lottery charts on the market today. It ‘been completely rewritten for Windows and just released last year.
  • This new program has the most advanced methods of creating visual graphics, which gives you te best way to visually analyze your lottery numbers.
  • The advantage gold program produces more than 50 tables and visual charts to help identify the most likely winning numbers from seven of these 50 charts you can use intelligent Gail Howard picking numbers.
  • Here you will have the opportunity to clear your doubts with 24/7 customer support team.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this system.
  • It doesn’t make any promise to make you rich at overnight, but it takes the little time to achieve the best result.



If you are the few people who want to engage and would like to find an answer that no other lottery program can give you can use this opportunity to the Smart Luck Lottery Software immediately. As a statistical tool, Smart Luck is excellent. It gives results based on probabilities and helps reduce complicated mathematical calculations. But never naive to believe that will ensure a great victory because it is impossible for anyone to ensure or guarantee a lottery win. This is their flagship software and uses essentially different selection methods to choose the lottery numbers. It uses many graphics to analyze the potential numbers to select the next winning numbers for a variety of lottery games. Customers can choose between the advantage plus program or balanced wheel programs though of course they are encouraged to buy it all. So don’t miss this opportunity… Grab this offer earlier.

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