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Created By: Austin Anthony

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SyndSocial is a point & click cloud-based application for generating massive social traffic while growing your list so fast, you’ll be getting new subscribers almost each other second. SyndSocial helps users combine the 2 MOST POWERFUL social media elements; images & videos, to drive a massive amount of traffic while building a huge list of responsive subscribers for free. So 1st users can post clickable images, that redirect to any specified website or URL of choice, on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit.


Features of SyndSocial:

  • Literally FORCE people to opt-in from INSIDE the video before they can even watch it, assisting you capture Leads Lightening fast.
  • Insert an opt-in form & set it to pop up on a specific time during video playback to acquire a lead right when its most responsive to your offer.
  • Set a FB, Twitter & Googte+ share button to show at any specific time during your video playbackforang your users to make your video go viral.
  • Force somebody who wants to see your video to Share it 1st before they could watch it for EVEN MORE viral free traffic.
  • Insert a clickable button during any part of your video assisting you get the highest possible Click Through Ratesfor your offers You can upload your very own custom images to use as buttons & write on them alt from within the application.
  • Best of all. universal copy-ernbedintegration allows you to add dynamic videos on any web page you own (regardless of the platform) & enjoy all the powerful features of Synd Social dynamic video Player.
  • Detailed image and video analytics that get updated in real time allows you to optimize your campaigns fast.

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