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Product Name: Video Ad Suite

Created By: Cliffs Carrigan

Niche: Software

Rating: 9/10

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If you are doing anything at all with video marketing or wanting to get into it, you are going to want to get this new software immediately… That is here called Video Ad Suite created by Cliffs Carrigan … Video ad suite is a set of 8 different unique and custom software programs designed to take any video marketer to the next level. This is an entire professional suit made up of individual custom software programs primarily designed to help you focus in on youtube ad buys. Several of these programs also have viable used outside of the ad buying arena as well. Video Ad Suite is an ultimate video marketing shortcut for your business growth. This software runs on Windows PC 7,8, & 10…

About Video Ad Suite:

Video Ad Suite is a software helping businesses promote their products to people who are actually looking to find them. This gives you more flexibility than Lead Pages, and it does it without a subscription. This revolutionary system that can help you grow your business faster than it would be without it. Video Ad Suite covers the most important aspects of generating traffic in identifying methods that were generating results and profits for experienced marketers. It also gives you some of the most amazing tricks and motion technology from the leading marketers in the world. And Video Ad Suite gives you the opportunity to study them for their own use, without leaving home.


Aspects of Video Ad Suite:

Niche Edition – It is the flagship of the video ad suite collection it is the one program that almost every single user will readily benefit from this program allows you to enter list of keywords basically on the top in what it does is traverses up to the top 100 listings in youtube and grab the URL of the each video listed their next it checks each URL to filter out the ones that do not allow ads so that ultimately your return with the list of only URLs that except ads and our laser targeted to your chosen image now.. The concept is simple results can be devastatingly powerful you….

Channel Edition – It is an ultimate cheater, it does allow you to enter the URL to any video the software will then go and find the channel and will systematically collect every single video in that channel you can use this for very large channels. If the channel has a lot of videos sent it around five minimum eight maximum if the channel only has a few videos just set the minimum and maximum 20 when it finishes it will present you with a list of URLs you can copy you save wherever you like and then out them into your ad campaign.

The Volume Edition – It is depending on your situation sometimes you do not need targeting at all you really need is a massive level of views hitting your video in a very short time for example if you promoting a wide appeal product that the average person would want use the volume edition or if you are just wanting to do why branding for your product name channel use the volume edition.. What is program does is go to trending videos and other extremely high volume videos and grab their urs it does not use keywords at all it is only looking for videos that are getting a Russian volume of views and grab those URLs for you to place your own ads on..

Live Edition – If you do webinars this program is going to set your head on fire the lab edition is similar to the keyword addition in that you do not need to add any keyword you just set your proxy if you are going to use one set your delay if you are going to use it and just run the program what the lab edition does is find videos that are currently live broadcasting on youtube and slaps your ad right on top of their video so that is more and more people join their live event and more people see your ad..

RPI Edition – This is one of those programs that has massive practical application across a wide range of video marketing tactics not just youtube ads what this program does is allow you to drop a group of URLs into it doesn’t matter if they are youtube video URLs channel URLs or even regular Web site URLs just drop them in the program and started running the software will break your list of URLs into Chunks and then start crunching the RPI for each one and return the final list for you.. RPI stands for rank page index is calculated by crunching data from as google being yahoo social signals.

Verifier Edition – This program allows you to double verify what URLs except for ads and which does not, for example, the niche edition will pull keyword specific URLs check for ad placement ability and save it if it sees ads running on that video but because it’s going to happen speed it can air on either side .

Stats Addition – This is another one that has practical application both inside and outside of paid ads in this one you load a list of URLs and it will go out and grab all of the other basic stats for you this gives you a quick way to pour through a large number of sites gaining valuable intel for various reasons

Related Edition – This software has a special sort of power that allows you to saturate any niche so completely that not a single person who ever searched that niche on youtube at any level. The power of this program is staggering.

Nitch Edition – This pitch edition gets to level 1 and then it gets those related to level one but with related edition, you can keep drilling as deeply as you want so if you ran the related edition once using the URL you got from the nice addition. You will get level 1 then all of those related to level 1 and then all of those related it really simple you can just drill as deep as you want in any niche.



Overall I highly recommend this Video Ad Suite software. It is for any video marketers arsenal, This software will also create a completely new way to market videos for any agency that will allow you to reach new levels for your clients. Video Ad Suite is the web-based tool that will research, build and rank your videos page one on complete autopilot 24/7. It is going to have you ranked page one on Google and load up your affiliate account with commissions. This program offers a money back guarantee for 30 days. This program will take full responsibility for your success right here. You only need nothing but Video Wave and the desire to press “GO” to make it all happen.

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