Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 Review


Thank you for taking the time to check out my review of Video Adds Crash Course 3.0 by Justin Sardi. Who don’t know about – ‘Justin Sardi’ is an entrepreneur & full-time marketer that runs a hybrid online & offline business focusing on sales, traffic generation, and list building via various online channels. Justin also trains other marketers in other areas of online marketing including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, E-Mail Marketing, and list building, etc. Video Ads Crash Course will take you through Justin’s system on how to tap into YouTube Advertising to drive traffic, and laser targeted at that to your business.

About Video Ads Crash Course 3.0:

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 is the most up to date course on Adwords for Video. Recently, Google made some changes to the way these ads work and function (and what they are called too) and this course covers it all! Inside, students will learn the different types of video ads, how they function, and when to use each type of ad. The course also covers campaign setup from start to finish through over the shoulder video training. In addition to the training, we are including some extremely relevant bonuses that will ensure your list has everything they need to get this system up and running quickly. This course is great for anyone that wants to use Video Ads to generate extra income through affiliate promotions, selling physical products, or providing this as a service to other businesses.
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